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Should Turkey join the European Union?

The question is if Turkey can be considered a “European state”? A small part of the country, about 5 per cent, is in Europe with about 8 per cent of its population. Hence, if Turkey were to become a full member some modification of Article 1 of the proposed constitution for Europe, which states: “The Union shall be open to all European States” would be required. One should point out at this stage that an exception to this rule has already been made in the case of Cyprus, which is geographically in Asia. Turkey has a population of over 70 million, making it larger than all existing EU members except Germany. If current population trends continue, it is likely to overtake Germany later this century and could reach 100 million. As such, given current voting arrangements in the EU, it would have a very powerful voice.

Another issue is one of culture and involves the contentious question of to what extent there are a “European identity” and a common purpose that extends beyond economic co-operation and success. There is such a thing as a “European identity” that is relevant for the Union of nations that we have today. There should be no reason why the Union should not be extended to any neighboring state that is willing to accept the basic rules of membership, as laid down by the European Council in Copenhagen in 1993.

Why Turkey should NOT join the EU | European …

Should Turkey join the European Union? - Debating …

Should Turkey Join the Eu Essay - 2530 Words

Kamil is the one with one sided twisted view. He is forgetting all acts of terrorism in Turkey against not only Kurds but, also against journalists, students, teachers and left wing intellectuals particularly done by the Grey Wolves, a neo-fascist terrorist organization that looks for the recreation of the Greater Turkey that goes to Siberia and all the central Asia. It has been supported by the Turkish Governments and the secrete police, it has the sympathy of the common police, their ties to the mafia are known and is connected to the MHP party which is its legal face. The torturing and killing of many left-wing partisans and sympathizers are among their crimes. In 81, 220 Grey Wolves were charged by the Military Government of 694 assassinations. They also were the ones that in 96 killed over 100 migrant workers in Maras for being accused of its left-wing sympathies (kurds and Sunites). In the same year they attacked Istambul University students and teacher for the same reason: left sympathizers. They claim to kill 2 Kurds everyday, not only PKK sympathizers but even Kurds working on charity organizations.
They created in several European countries and USA ?idealist clubs? to indoctrinate young Turks of the Turkish Diaspora, its neo-fascist ideology. Kamil is likely a member of these clubs. This is only one of the Turkish terrorist organizations but there are several other from Al-Qaeda, the Great Eastern Islamic Raiders Front (IBDA-C) who claim many bombings and wants to impose a religious government and restore the Caliphate. I suppose they are a little bit more happy with Ergogan now. Ergenekom connected with the Secret Police and behind many assassinations of judges, politicians, intellectuals etc. The Turkish Hizbollah had been violent for many years, but since Erdogan is in power has been more peaceful. The Turkish Revenge Brigade (TIT) another ultra-nationalist organization has been responsible for more than 1000 murders in the 70s. In 93 they murdered the parliamentary deputy Mehmet Sincar and the journalist Ferhat Tepe in cooperation with Turkish Hizbollah. Most civilized countries advise to restrict travelling to Turkey to the Western seashore and avoid all other parts of Turkey. Is this country deeply involved with terrorism, neo-fascism, religious parties, dreams of a Greater Turkey the country we should welcome with open arms in the democratic union of Europe?

Jovan: Nowhere in my posts did I try to convince people that Turkey should be in EU. Seriously. I just said that EU needs Turkey and will need Turkey far more as time passes, I listed all the reasons which you simply ignored because you have a fixed opinion due to your racist views. I always said that Turkey does not need EU, should, and will most likely refuse to join when the time comes. Do not come up with assumptions as to who would switch to what. Perhaps more switched to a NO for Serbia after reading your posts but like I said the only reason nobody cares is that Serbia is little fish, it’s too small and insignificant, although majority of Europeans wouldn’t want Serbia in EU they simply don’t care due to this. Even if you were entirely bankrupt, it would take pocket change of one of the big fish countries to save you. In your mind, Turkey will never have a good image no matter what because you are not a neutral party, you grew up with anti-Turkish sentiments which is very hard for you to get rid of.

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No, Turkey should most definitely not join the EU. Ethnically and linguistically Turkey is an Asian country. In any case, Europe has already spread quite far enough eastwards.

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Not only should Turkey join the EU it ought to be a member of the East Asian Summit. The Turkish foreign policy to connect Europe with Asia would make more sense than ever, thereby strengthening their strategic depth by many measures. Both the EU and the EAS are a strategic reality and manifestation. East Asia is now comprised of some of the most dynamic economies and militarily powerful countries in the world; whilst Europe has tradition however lost sense of direction.

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Should Britain Join the European Union Essays

Should Britain Join the European Union ..

Yes a small percent of Turkey is considered to be in Europe but bare in mind that it was stolen. They are a Asian country, not even the people to me look european. Call that discrimination if you like, but we shouldn’t label our union the European Union, a suitable name would be Eurasian Union. If we let Turkey in, why don’t we let Israel in too?

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I think that Turkey joining the EU will just add more problems to a plain weak european union. Im sorry but from my humble and non-expert point of view the constant expanding of EU is just its path to decay. EU is an old and tired organisation and cannot keep on expanding like its doing today. Turkey, to speak honestly, is just democratic on the papers but I personally DO NOT WANT a country where so much violence against women takes place, not to mention all the other issues, like immigration rates that will rise and so on.
The main reason I do not want Turkey in Eu is becaue of its hard line with Cyprus, they never admitted they are dead wrong, they never admitted that their occupation in the north part of the island is not legal, they claim the false. They never reckonized the reality of the Armenian genocide, never apologized, nothing. Their pozition is not like German’s in the end of WWII. Moreover, EUROPE should ask with a referendum its citizens if they want or not the entrance of turkey because EU is not certainly a Muslim Organisation and make Turkey join in will open the doors on the east’s muslim world, and they would want to join also. Another thing is tha EUROPE is a western organisation and turkey, geographycally speaking, belong to the East. Turkey is not in europe so I do not see why inclunding a non-european country inside a european organisation. Politics only are interested in the economical benefits they would be of turkey comes in but we cant focus just on economy and oversee all other matters.
Also Turkey had always had very bad foreign relations with the neiboor country Greece, and is surely not promoting the great EUROPEAN VALUES as long as Greece is concerned.
European expanding and integration and so on is just bullshits. The multicultural framework has failed and eurpe must face this fact and must LISTEN to its citizens. Do they want a weak organisation keep growing like this ???? ASK US, if you are really democratic, you EU Politicians must aks us about this matter.
For me if I was ever being asked about Turkey I say NO. And from what I know Turks do not want to enter EU either. Ask them also, ask if the turks want or not to join the EU community. LET PEOPLE SPEAK NOT JUST ECONOMY!!!

For citizens’ good, Turkey should join the European Union

Just curious, if Turkey is not in Europe maybe you can tell us Where Europe starts in the west and where it ends in the east. Turkey is in Europe a small portion but hey nevertheless it is in Europe. There is a natural canal called Bosphorus that devides Europe from Asia. The European side has 5 cities with population of over 8-10 million. I am not debating if Turkey should join EU or not I am just clarifying that Turkey is in also Europe you like it or not.

Essay: Benefits Of Turkey Joining The EU - Online Essays

There are people who don’t want Turkey to join under any circumstances and those who want it to join so badly that they pretend Turkey currently meets all the criteria right now even though its values are not European. I say if Turkey can meet the same criteria that is expected of any EU member, they are welcome. But as long as insulting “turkishness” is a crime and freedom of the press is fantasy, as long as adultery is a criminal act, as long as Kurds don’t have the same treatment that all minority groups do in EU member states, as long as they consort with Iran and have border disputes with Iraq and Armenia, they should be held back in the integration process. We need some real commitment from Ankara about secularism – It is not a problem that Turkey is Muslim and most Europeans are Christian. The problem is that Turkey, especially the ruling party, has a very different view on the level of influence religion should have over the state.

Essay: Benefits Of Turkey Joining The EU

There are lots of reasons for EU to not accept or delay the membership of Turkey but all of them is two-sided and easliy disprovable. In Ankara agreement, European countries says to prepare Turkey to join the club and it shows the way… And much or less Turkey tried to do what she is told to do… So…? So the problem is European countries… Talking about Turkey is ironically pointless because…

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