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None of them had much of a chance to actually defeat their enemies. Every one of them had one wet dream in common: they hoped that acts of terrorism would trigger such an outsized and inappropriate authoritarian response that it would reveal the government to be a great oppressive satan. Sometimes it kind of works.

Reagan financed Osama Bin Laden’s war against Russia in Afghanistan. The CIA made create that monster and then left the Taliban in charge of the country. Until 9/11/2001, that was considered one of the CIA’s greatest success stories.

The marginal and oppresive economy of sharecropping largely collapsed during the great Depression.

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The following was read into the congressional record January 10, 1963, from “The Naked Communist” by Cleon Skousen:

That said it’s probably better to start assembling the bottom-up social structures necessary to survive what’s to come, right now, than sit on our butts and cheerleading G-Dub to finish his War on the Islamic Red Herring. Eric’s mesh networking is one way of doing so. And Cuba’s agricultural revolution, in which the Western-supported, resource-hungry Green Revolution practices were supplanted by smaller, communitarian, ecologically aware farming practices, is an example of how the dirty commies have triumphed over the cowboy capitalists in this most important of political issues: how best to make use of our dwindling resources.

As for what to do about it, I’m convinced that Americans remain the more threatening memebots, and their sleep-obey-consume programming (aka normotic illness) remains the greater form of suicidalism, since it is likely accelerating humanity to the mass extinction event by demanding ever greater consumption and strain of already thinly spread resources — and furthermore, the illness is so deeply ingrained into our culture that there’s no regime change that will wake up 200+ million somnambulents in this country alone. Those who do survive will, out of absolute necessity, have to regain their organic competency if they want to live terribly long, just as the Africans and Amerindians did before being coopted by the European hegemon.

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You yourself have declared your opposition to hegemonic structures on this blog though without that particular buzzwordology: to wit, the Augustinian guilt monitor that inheres to Catholicism. You have even wondered why we’re such a materially rich but feckless society. The obvious answer is that Americans are, by and large, also bots running their own meme plague — except it could be a version of the same meme plague. Read your Gatto; he notes that Taylorism and Fordism were concepts co-opted wholesale to forge the early Soviet work ethic.

That’s all! Be sure to check out “Success Stories” (again, ) if you haven’t yet for more examples of each of these techniques.

In Great Expectations, he used the prevalent bleakness of the places in London to illustrate the unproductiveness of the social and economic struggle which he viewed as fatal, both literally and figuratively.

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The reason why we have chosen to compare and contrast Great Expectations and The Go Between is because they have many obvious and many subtle similarities which I am to discuss during t he course of this Essay....

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The Soviets consciously followed the Gramscian prescription; they pursued a war of position, subverting the “leading elements” of society through their agents of influence. (See, for example, Stephen Koch’s ; summary by Koch ) This worked exactly as expected; their memes seeped into Western popular culture and are repeated endlessly in (for example) the products of Hollywood.

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As I previously observed, if you trace any of these back far enough, you’ll find a Stalinist intellectual at the bottom. (The last two items on the list, for example, came to us courtesy of Frantz Fanon. The fourth item is the Baran-Wallerstein “world system” thesis.) Most were staples of Soviet propaganda at the same time they were being promoted by “progressives” (read: Marxists and the dupes of Marxists) within the Western intelligentsia.

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The process won’t be pretty. But I fear that if the rest of us don’t hound the po-mo Left and its useful idiots out of public life with attack and ridicule and shunning, the hard Right will sooner or later get the power to do it by means that include a lot of killing. I don’t want to live in that future, and I don’t think any of my readers do, either. If we want to save a liberal, tolerant civilization for our children, we’d better get to work.

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By contrast, ideological and memetic warfare has been a favored tactic for all of America’s three great adversaries of the last hundred years — Nazis, Communists, and Islamists. All three put substantial effort into cultivating American proxies to influence U.S. domestic policy and foreign policy in favorable directions. Yes, the Nazis did this, through organizations like the “German-American Bund” that was outlawed when World War II went hot. Today, the Islamists are having some success at manipulating our politics through fairly transparent front organizations like the .

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Great Expectations is a novel in which Charles Dickens utilizes the theme of imprisonment and captivity to help the reader better their exploration of his characters.

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These are examples of influential leaders, but in Charles Dickens' Great Expectations, the most influential characters on Pip are people who would appear to be minor female characters in the novel.

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