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Then all mothers should be allowed to work to keep them engaged.

Saying sorry — Another hard one but it’s far better to teach a child to make up in their own way than to force a fake, inauthentic sorry. So, let go of this struggle and show them really fun ways to make amends like making a snack or picture for their sibling or writing a sweet note to dad.

But, while the bulk of the research on employment status and mothers' mental health has found higher morale amongemployed mothers, some investigators found no significant differences. However, when you sort out which studies findthat employed mothers have higher morale and which studies find no difference, it turns out that the studies that find nodifference were conducted with middle-class women. None of these studies find the morale of the full-time homemakershigher in either class. We found none and these same conclusions are reported in other reviews. But some studies havefound no difference, and all of these were conducted with middle-class mothers. Now this class difference may seemstrange. You would think that employment was more likely to up the mothers' morale in the middle class because middle-class jobs are more interesting. But the fact is that the mental health advantage of employment is more consistently foundin working class or poverty samples. For working-class women, studies show that the satisfactions from employment arenot from the job per se but from the increased social support and stimulation provided by co-workers, the markedadvantages that their wages bring to their families, and the greater sense of control they feel over their lives. (In our study,it was the third -- employment gave them a sense of control over their lives-- that was particularly important.)

One of these choices is whether or not to go back to work after having a child.

So according to me mothers should work if they are willing to do it.

Women in this world can work .I do agree when mothers should take care about their children.

I have a friend who stays home and she is on the phone all day ,with her kids running around out of control and another friend who works full time and cherishes her kids the moment she walks in the door till they go to bed, my other friend just cares about her girlfriends and hanging out.

If this act of hers hurts the feelings of the husband then she should certainly not do it but if it hurts his ego she should explain in some cases even the parents-in-law feel awkward but that shouldn't make a difference to them as she is working for the welfare of her family.

Mothers shouild work if it is neccessary.

Just imagine in India all children are educated, even our mothers are educated and their parents to have made efforts to send them to schools, so do you think these efforts should go waste!!.

Also to provide kids better facilities n a good lifestyle, its essential for moms to work.

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If money is at shortage, some may not have a choice but to work.

And so I will conclude that all mothers should work.

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But going to work doesn't mean that women should forget their family.

Specially if a mother has got a big degree like a doctor, engineer,etc; they should work because they spend their important years of life in studying and therefore should be given a chance to practice.

Their education should not go waste as they have worked hard for it.

Yes the question does arise when she leaves the house for work, if the kids are still young she can start her own business from home, or if she is a professional she can take up a part time job, then if she is blessed with in-laws or her parents to care the kids she should take up a full time job, the choice is hers and in all the above circumstances the children should and must get undivided attention either from grantparents or from care givers.

So I say that all the mothers of the world should work.

A little while ago a nicely-favored dining establishment well established lots of profits in their Fb devotee online page in the solutions of a proprietor’s companion. Enterprise was sluggish and then the manager was fairly cynical but he would as his partner advocated. In just two several months the restaurant’s Myspace lover internet online page matured to 1200 followers as they simply keep up incorporating pictures, shows and selections tabs.

Some people think mothers are weak and shouldn't work.

I am a single mom who looking for work I have two kids I have a 12 year old and a 5 month old and I want to start my gifte basket business the last time I apply for a grant they charge me a 180 $ and was from the green card and they never gave me any money to help me with my business and that 180 $ could have went on food but they play me and I never got no where with my business and that was wrong to play a woman out of money with two kids and I really was heart broking iam just trying to start my gift basket business to have money for my kids iam sugest with my kids so anybody can keep me start my business iam not going to mess with the grant peoples anymore iam hurt the way they play me

Should Mothers Go To Work Free Essays

I am a hard working mother I do get paid but not a lot but I have a house to pay that’s not my own house, I must buy food close pay my childrens school fees and baby sitting I’m working just to keep us alive and in warm beds I wish I had the money to start a small business I have the skills and lot of great plans to open one but I don’t have the money, or if I can go and finish school and study it will make it easy to get a good job that pays well

Should women go to work instead of staying at home

Hi My name is Amber and I am raising five kids, two of them I had and I take care of the other three,I work at subway and have been there for seven years and $7.70 doesn’t take care of five kids. So I have have went back to school and was looking for some help. I have tryed to get help from jod and family service and was denied. They said I make to much and I don’t see how but I do it that why I came here to see if anyone knew where I can go and find some help to atlease for school so I can go and finish school so I can have a better job and so I can give my kids something I never had when I so young I wish the best for everyone here.

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